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QisDesign: Marketing a boutique lighting brand in Europe

Qisda, one of the few Taiwanese contemporary designer lighting manufacturers, is known internationally for its industrial design. The company emerged as the top global luminaire designer at the 2010 iF Design Award China, winning four awards with its QisDesign brand LED lamps. QisDesign was also a big winner at the 2010 Red Dot Awards, nabbing the grand prize and clinching the most number of awards in Asia. In the following year, the company’s Coral Reef LED lamp was bestowed with the Best of the Best Award at the 2010 Red Dot Award. Qisda’s senior manager Jiung-Cheng Pan talks to LEDinside on the company’s marketing strategy in the European market.



Qisda, a consumer electronic ODM with main operations in LCD monitors and projectors, entered the LED luminaire field in 2008. Being one of the members of BenQ Group, Qisda chose interior lighting to differentiate its products from other LED companies in the group, such as Lextar and Wellypower. The company looks up to international luminarie brands, Artemide and FLOS. The continuing cooperation between BenQ and Qisda to develop two or more new light fixture series every year reflects the importance BenQ and Qisda place on this LED luminaire brand. In the lighting market, the main LED lighting products promoted by QisDesign include desk lamps, suspended lights, and floor lamps. These products are actively promoted in Europe.


In the European desk lamp market, products priced US$300 and above are viewed as products in the high-end market, and mostly used in commercial lighting. Besides using suspended lights, offices in Europe tend to use a combination of suspended lights with personal desk lamps to avoid conduit-related problems and light steel frame costs, since lighting installation cost is quite high in Europe. In terms of luminaire designs, industrial design and structural design are very important and need to take into consideration luminaire style, material, user experience and feelings, lighting quality and effects, flexibility and functionality. In the European lighting market, emphasis is still placed on designer style and uniqueness, as well as brand story. However, European lighting manufacturers are aware of the advantages of LED lighting, but how to use LED to do lighting design remains weak. To compete with European lighting manufacturers, therefore, QisDesign has to be different; in addition to emphasizing industrial design, priority is placed on product quality and lighting design, including low luminance, sufficient luminous flux, uniform panel light, color temperature consistency, and no glare. In addition, dimming is also a mandatory feature as well. Also, the European market favors 2700K and 3000K color temperatures. Moreover, QisDesign’s design team stresses the advantages coming from tiny size of LED light source and low surface temperature of LED luminaire to create interaction between users and the product. For instance, the Piano series LED lamps uses an arc shaped light guide plate to design an illuminating keyboard to encourage users to play and create shifting lights and shades by flicking the keyboard.


Distribution channels are especially important in marketing strategy. To begin with, product development information relies on local pricing information. After a few years, with the establishment of a number of distributors and product lines, the company can accumulate experience from distributors’ and agents’ feedback.


QisDesign also attends many trade shows (ICFF/MAISON&OBJET/ Light+Building in Frankfurt/ Milan’s LED festival) to boost its brand image. The company will expand its presence and promote new products at the 2014 Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt. In the second half of 2013, QisDesign will be expanding its Europe marketing focus towards Dutch Design Week, and will be presenting new lighting or luminaire design concepts at the show to further develop its brand image.  

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