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Panasonic Smart Light Targets Asia Residential Market

As smart lighting becomes a major trend in the lighting industry this year, it is no surprise that Panasonic’s smart LED lighting system, Symphony Lighting, caught the attention of many visitors at the recent Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014.

The smart lighting system was the most inquired product at the trade show, said Alan Guo, Executive, Home Amenity and Access Control System Division, Panasonic Eco Solutions Sales Taiwan. The lighting system that targets the indoor residential lighting market focuses on pragmatic energy saving solutions by programming when small group of low wattage LED lights should be turned on for illumination. This is very different from conventional lighting systems that tend to use very large luminaires, noted


Left: Panasonic Smart Symphony lighting in cool white. Right: Panasonic Smart Symphony lighting in warm white. (LEDinside)

Unlike the more colorful tunable LED lights, Smart Symphony only switches between warm and cold white colors. “The Symphony Lighting system is mainly targeting the Asian market including Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia,” said Guo. “Asian consumers are less likely to use colorful lighting and focus more on pragmatic applications.”

In populous cities in Asia, most homes tend to be small apartments. The lighting system aims to add depth and width to residential spatial dimensions through light, remarked Guo. Panasonic is already working with construction companies in Japan to introduce the product to new buildings, and aims to bring the partnership model into the Taiwan market. Kuo projected it will take another two to three years before smart lighting prices come down to acceptable levels for Taiwanese consumers and becomes more common.

Smart Symphony lighting in a living room setting application. (LEDinside)

The smart light that relies on Home Energy Management systems is at the time only controllable via infrared controllers. The company is still developing a smartphone App controller, said Kuo. Depending on independent projects, the lighting combination can be LED ceiling lights, down lights and others.

Panasonic model LGB115215LG1 is a LED lighting that mimics OLED diffuse lighting effects. (LEDinside)

In addition to Symphony Lighting, Panasonic also showcased a suspended 100W equiv. LED light that might be possible solution to overcoming the limitations of LED as a point source light. The luminaire design embeds LEDs around the edges of the luminaire to give an OLED-like diffuse lighting effect. The light is less harsh on the eyes compared to normal LED lights as it falls into the warm color range of 2,700K.

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