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SMD 5730 lamp

SMD 5730 lamp
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  • Series : SMD LED series
  • Emitting Color : WW:2800-3500K;PW:3800-5000K;CW:5000-8000K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : Ra≥80
  • Power : 0.5W
  • Luminous Flux : 45LM~55LM
  • Light emitting area :
  • Manufacturers : Shenzhen MH Technology Co.,Ltd.
SMD 5730 lamp


1. High brightness, low attenuation, low energy consumption, long life, anti-static ability
2. Phosphor, silicone, silver plastic are the United States, Japan imported raw materials
3. Copper frame, a high coefficient of thermal conductivity,
4. Eutectic technology, so that the chip and the stent has good adhesion
5. Conventional color temperature in stock inventory needs 2-7 days shipping
6. Have the most advanced production equipment and mature packaging process
7. The strength of manufacturers, with a high-quality professional R & D team
8. 2-year warranty, quality problems, were given free of charge returned
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